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Survivor Thrivers Club of Cobourg Ontario get their new boat

Peterborough Club gets their boat


We now offer fibreglass Dragon boats with a variety of options.

Complete Dragon Boat includes:

13 seats, foot-braces, drum stand and drummer's seat and steering arm, but does NOT include steering oar or decorative head and tail.

Price for complete white fibreglass Dragon Boat:  $16,885.00 

Drum Stand, regular price
( if ordered with boat)
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Drummer's seat, regular price
(if ordered with boat)
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Steering oar, regular price $415.00  

(Please note that all prices are FOB our factory in Millbrook, Ontario, Canada, and are quoted in Canadian dollars. Specifications are subject to change without notice)

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Here is one of our boats being unloaded in New York

Some Details of our Dragon Boats


The Drummer's seat is made from selected White Ash for superior strength and can be easily removed for safe storage
Our drummer's seat is securely locked in place during use, and yet easily dismantles for storage. 

The steering oar is hand crafted from selected woods that are bonded with our finest epoxy resins.


 The steering oar supports are stainless steel. There are 2 styles available.


The seats and foot rests are selected Ash and given 3 coats of the finest marine varnish